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 Raven Haven Mission Statement

1. Ravens and Corvid Centre

Our Mission is to purchase 10-40 acres of land and turn it into a Raven and Corvid centre that would be open to the public; we would like to incorporate all British Corvids and a large selection of others from around the world, there are 120 species of Crows, Jays and Nutcrackers, some of them extremely colourful and beautiful whilst others are black and look rather sinister, the one thing they all share is brains.

We are confident that there will be a high level of interest in Raven Haven as the Ravens at the Tower of London are a popular reason for people visiting the tower. We plan to do flying displays and Intelligence displays and games that the birds love to join in with. We would also like to do full costume Historic Battles and Hunting re-enactments that the birds were known to have participated in. We would also like to re-enact how the Ravens at the Tower of London got their Royal protection under Charles the 2nd during the Plague years and how the rest were persecuted to extinction with a price on their head.

2. Educate public, hunting and farming community Re-Ravens and Corvids

We will have regular talks and displays about how Ravens and other Corvids can be beneficial to every type of community and society. We would illustrate how Ravens can be beneficial and not a hindrance to the farming industry, and also why they should not be included in the hunters and gamekeepers kill sheet, as in other parts of the world the Ravens assist the Hunter, whether Human or Carnivore. So in short If you are living in a town or city and you are fed up with the new waste collection schedules, please remember it was the Ravens and Corvids years ago that got rid of all the things that make your bin smell, put those food scraps out for the Crows, Magpies, Jays and Ravens so the Rats cant get it. And if you are a hunter you could learn how the Raven can be of assistance to you finding your prey (the Raven is the only bird in the world to fly towards gunfire), and likewise how farmers can use ravens to be a health thermometer for their flocks and save themselves lots of legwork.

3. Flying Displays

We will put on flying displays to show how Ravens and other Corvids will fly for fun and games and not just food, how they compete with each other in a game or a race. We will illustrate how they can work and play as a team, from tag to hide and seek. They don't have to be hungry to do these things, its because their brains are so active.

4. Intelligence Displays

We will also demonstrate how intelligent these birds are by giving them puzzles to work out, and show how they can use tools to get at food, and how they can count, and use deception to get their own way. They are tricksters and mischievous and extremely jealous just like us.

5. Battle and hunting re-enactments with Ravens

Ravens and Crows are famous as birds of battle, war and death and also the hunt. They were also responsible for the spiritual welfare of many peoples around the world. Especially the North and Central American Indian Tribes. We want to perform Battle re-enactments in full costume of Viking and Celtic battles along with many more, where the Raven was taken into battle with the warriors as a weapon of fear; he was also taken to clear up afterwards. We would also like to show the relationship between the Raven and Crow with the American Indian Tribes and the prophesies of Circling Raven (an Indian chief) regarding the coming of the Jesuit black robes. Ravens were also famous for helping the Inuit Eskimos on their daily hunting trips by dipping their wings and pointing in the direction of the prey, this would be a good re-enactment; mind you we couldn't guarantee the snow.

6. Ravens for Films

As our Ravens had a brief fling with stardom and the Need was so great (see Harry Potter calls in Tarquins story), we have decided to offer our Ravens on a strictly lease only basis to the film industry. So any of you producers out there that need Ravens or other Corvids for your films please get in touch, we will be happy to train them to your specific requirements.

7. History of Ravens with Humans and Carnivores

8. Ravens in Literature, Religion, Mythology and Folklore

We want to illustrate to the general public how Ravens and Corvids are so important Historically to our cultures and literature, folklore, mythology and Religion. From Noah sending a Raven from the Ark to Ravens feeding Elijah in the Bible. From the prophesies of circling Raven about the coming Jesuits to Robert Burns and the Twa Corbies. From Edgar Alan Poes famous Raven to the Tower of London Ravens and the Legend behind it. From the Religion of Raven to the Norse God Odin and his 2 raven helpers.

9. The persecution of Ravens in England and Europe

   Steve & Shelley Burns 2007

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