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By using our cleaning services you will be contributing to the wonderful work that we do for the birds requiring our care at Raven Haven.

We appreciate your donations and are happy to take every opportunity to find the funds we need by offering what services we can.

Our experienced cleaners are hard working individuals who have the interests of Raven Haven at heart. For many years these same people have offered their services and from them Raven Haven Cleaning Services was conceived.

Domestic Cleaning

For our Residential and Domestic Clients we use those household's cleaning products to perform our duties.

Commercial Cleaning

We can provide the services of a professional carpet cleaner in addition to the services offered by our cleaning staff.

Office Cleaning

We have a large staff base which gives us the ability to provide a reliable service 24/7.

Contact us today to discuss your needs

Tel: 01344 778899

Email: Enquiries@RavenHaven.co.uk

   Steve & Shelley Burns 2007

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